Class Labs

MM Logic Gates

The goal of this lab was to introduce you the logical operations that are necessary for programming as well as working with truth tables.

Animal Fun for Kids and Pick Your Poison

The goal of this lab was to write a simple program in Visual Basic.

What’s Your Problem?

The goal of this lab was to come up with something that you care about and how computer programs can solve the problem.

Jac App Lab 1

We decided to pick a lab that will help students keep track of their meal punches, dining dollars, and FLEX.  We wanted to make an application for smart phones, such as a blackberry or iPhone.

Jac App Lab 2

The goal for this lab was to make the application specific to just punches so we can build off of that upon completion instead of setting the bar high that may or may not be finished.

Jac App Lab 3 and 4

The goal for this lab was to write code in jGrasp.  We also decided to change the punches to dining dollars because it will give us more time to complete a more specific aspect of the application.

Jac App Lab 5

We were waiting on a response from the JMU card services to see if we could implement an RSS feed with our application.  The goal of this lab was to learn more about RSS Feeds.

Jac App Lab 6 and 7

Throughout the process I brought up the idea of using HTML and JavaScript and now we are using it because it was the best route to go.  We are working with JavaScript, jQuery, and xampp as well as MySQL.

Jac App Lab 8 and 9

The goal of this lab was to add some finishing touches to the lab such as adding a background image and reset button among others.  We divided up tasks so it wouldn’t take as long.

KBS HW2 and Truth Table HW

KBS HW2 HR Department

Truth Tables


Jac App Final Week

The goal of this lab was to put all of our code together, although one of our group members hasn’t written any code nonetheless download the necessary programs needed for the application.

Jac Application

Can be pulled up manually via Notepad++.


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