Grade Evaluation

I feel like learning is best achieved when someone is legitimately interested in what they are doing.  I was glued to my project and can say that I learned a great amount of programming throughout this semester because I was very interested in the material.  This is the one lesson that I took away from this course and the one thing that distinguishes my success from other classes is that I wasn’t particularly worried about my grade for ISAT 252.  I was more so worried about how I learned the material and how I applied myself to making my semester project better.  Learning isn’t just about grades, it’s about how you approach something and how you make of it.  I feel as if ISAT 252 taught me how to apply things in the real-world by not worrying about grades, but more so focusing on how to attach myself to a particular subject (in this case my semester project and the programming language) as well as being interested in the material.  I was only absent twice this semester and although I’ve left every class 5 minutes early to make it to my class at Memorial, I still believe that I deserve an A in this class simply due to the fact that not only did I exceed my expectations when it came to programming,  I also learned some life long skills that will ultimately make me a better person as well as applying myself to learn the objectives as well as reading the pages on the course website.  I also engaged in class activities and completed the assigned labs and HW.  Another reason why I deserve an A is that I ventured away from the course based programming language of Visual Basic.  I entered new territories that consisted the use of HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, xampp, jQuery, among others.   I went the extra mile and basically taught myself some of the programming language via watching videos on YouTube.  All of the qualifications that I explained are deserved of an A in this course and certainly outweigh the 5 minute early outs (in order to make it to my next class at Memorial).  Above all, this is an introduction to programming course and I exceeded my expectations as well as dipping my feet into other programming language aside from Visual Basic.  This is also another reason why I deserve an A.


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