• Demonstrate basic familiarity with computer hardware functions
  • Recognize when problems in science and business are amenable to software solutions
    • The What’s Your Problem Lab helped me learn this objective because I put the two together and came up with the idea of a JAC App, an application in which JMU students will be able to look up how much dining dollars, FLEX, and punches they have left.
  • Analyze such problems and generate plans for implementing software solutions
    • I did this by working on the JAC App with my team members, which is documented in my WordPress.
  • Implement relatively simple software applications with graphical user interfaces
    • GUI or “gooey”
    • My team and I have used the ISAT 252 TortoiseSVN files all semester as well as Google Docs,
  • Employ procedural programming constructs effectively: variables and constants, conditional expressions, flow control, arrays, modularity with sub-procedures and functions, and input/output with text files
  • Employ event-driven programming constructs effectively: built-in and custom event-handling procedures, catching and handling exceptions
    • Didn’t really learn this objective
  • Employ simple object-oriented programming constructs: distinguish between objects and classes, identify when classes would be useful in a program, implement a basic class, and use that class in a program
    • Implemented this objective in my JAC App (both the jGrasp one and the HTML one)
  • Document code appropriately to increase ease of maintenance and understanding
    • My team and I narrowed our project scope to make it easier to complete
  • Describe knowledge-based systems and the problem types to which they are best suited
    • Knowledge based systems:  emulate human reasoning such as choosing which college to attend
    • Expert based system:  solves problems such as cancer
  • Build a simple KBS using appropriate architecture and methodology
    • Used the corvid walk through and program to make a KBS regarding which car is suitable according to one’s income.
    • Our program didn’t work because we had too many variables and it was confusing to carry out
  • Evaluate a given problem within its social context and identify an appropriate paradigm within which to develop a software solution
    • Back to our What’s the Problem lab we came up with an idea to solve every JMU student’s problem:  how many punches do I have left?
    • Problems answered in our application

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